"You don't know who your fucking with!"

D.L Mcqueen is the antagonist of Fight Night Champion, McQueen is known for his hot temper and short-lived partnerships with professional fighters. He has been long despised by Gus Carisi, André's trainer, for his notoriety, He's Isaac Frost's manager!

After André wins the amateur boxing championship he gets approached by D.L who wishes to make him famous just like he did with Isaac Frost. However André and his coach Gus want nothing to do with him and tell him to leave them alone. D.L dosent take rejection very well and uses his inffluence to rig matches, bribe judges and cheat in all kinds of ways.

When he gets rejected a second time by André D.L sends one of his bodyguards Franco who is also a corrupt cop who arrests André after he attacks him! André spends the next 5 years in prison, when he gets out he mets D.L and Franco who precedes to taunt him! When André finds out that his brother Raymond has signed a contract with Mcqueen and that he has a scheduled fight Isaac Frost he advices him to call it off, but Raymond goes off to fight Isaac any way! The fight goes very bad for Raymond who ends up hospitalized, André wishes to fight with Frost much to Mcqueens delight! Eventually André wins the fight and Mcqueen makes one last effort to convince André to join him, however Mqueens daughter had recorded his confession that it was him and Franco's fault André was sent to jail, Mcqueen then runs away before the police capture him!

  • Mcqueen's personality and way of talking is directly inspired of Don King!