D.J. Rock

D.J. Rock is a character in the animated series Static Shock. He is a music producer who happens to be a crooked thief and the true villain of the episode "They're Playing My Song".

D.J. Rock stole Rubberband Man's song and gave it to Ice-Pack. Rubberband Man confronted him and was tricked and locked in by Rock. Static defeated Rock's men and warned him that Rubberband Man was coming for him, though he was already there.

He went to help Rubberband Man, angering D.J. Rock, who charged at him. Static subdued him with a "taser noogie".


  • He was voiced by American singer-songwriter Terence Trent D'Arby.
  • D.J. Rock's security guards are armed with baseball bats, which is a little unorthodox for a security detail. They are also directly hostile to Static.