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D.A. Hoyt is the prosecutor of the Seinfeld gang in the show's finale.

He was portrayed by the late James Rebhorn.

He is an arrogant scumbag who will do anything to put away the gang in jail, because of some petty dislike he has for them. Instead of give them the fair trial for one act, he has to make this about the whole gang's history, in an attempt to give them more time then they would have. The gang would have had a few months. Instead, he escalates the trial. Last time I checked, it goes against the Constitution of "fair and speedy trial." He even exploits his crew. In the end of the first half of the finale, he ruthlessly demands his exploited crew to "find out everything about these people, and I mean everything." He started a costly and unnecessary trial and started something where there didn't need to be.

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