D'Sprytes are tiny demons created by D'Spayre and acting as his enforcers - like their master they come from the Marvel Universe.

A D'Spryte talked to the bum Jack Weaver and told him that the guy with the Armani suit coming up to them would give Jack at least a dime. The man only spit into Jack's cup and the D'Spryte asked Jack if he should get the Armani guy. Jack said yes and a short time later the D'Spryte had the Armani guy under his control and sent him outside on a building's ledge and talked to him until the man jumped. Ghost Rider couldn't stop the man, but he found the D'Spryte on the building's roof laughing maniacally. Ghost Rider grabbed the D'Spryte and the little demon explained that he was a servant of D'Spayre and that he was only one of many D'Sprytes. Thousands of D'Sprytes flew towards Ghost Rider and attacked him. They pushed him from the roof and he fell down to the street.
The D'Sprytes continued their attack on Ghost Rider and sliced with their claws through his jacket. They influenced the people who watched Ghost Rider seemingly talking to himself and turned them against him. Jack Weaver tried to tell them that they were influenced by demons, but the D'Sprytes told the people not to listen to this bum. Ghost Rider held the attacking people away from him with his motorbike, but the D'Sprytes already knew that he couldn't harm the innocent people. A D'Spryte wanted Ghost Rider to admit his defeat and leave, but Ghost Rider wasn't done yet and attacked the D'Sprytes with his chain. They were destroyed and the people who were under their control weren't hostile anymore and couldn't even remember what had happened.