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D'Sparil, the weakest of the three serpent riders

D'Sparil is the youngest (and assumed weakest) of the Serpent Riders. He serves as the main antagonist of the video game Heretic (aka Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders), though he only appears in episode 3: "The Dome of D'Sparil," in map 8, "D'Sparil's Keep." He is first shown riding a Chaos Serpent, who breathes fire. When the player has killed the Chaos Serpent, D'Sparil electrifies and gets up to fight the player. At times, he uses his wand to shoot purple rings, which call in his disciples. He uses his wand to shoot blue electricity at the player and keeps disappearing to one of the six platforms in the area. When the player finally shoots D'Sparil to death, he is explodes in a burst of electrical energy, and all that remains (besides his wand) are his bones. And as he dies, so do any surviving monsters.

He speaks, but his dialogue is recorded backwards.

D'Sparil also appears at the prologue of Heretic II, and he speaks with forwardly-recorded dialogue as he curses Corvus for killing him.

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