They're puttin' a nigga on TV man, about some gang intervention shit!
~ D
Hey, this ain't the police, dog! This some Ballas bullshit!
~ Franklin Clinton, after he realized the meeting was a trap

D (1979-2013) is a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V. He is a member of the Ballas.

At some point before the events of Grand Theft Auto V, D joined and became a member of the Ballas he later became a high-ranking member and respected OG member of the Ballas.

In the mission Chop, Lamar and Franklin, along with Lamar's dog Chop, attempt to kidnap D, who is a high profile member of the Ballas. Lamar and Franklin had planned to kidnap him in exchange for $40,000 dollars for both Franklin and Lamar. They both track him in Vinewood Hills where Lamar threatens him with a pistol. Spooked, D gets on a bike and attempts to escape which leads to a chase throughout Los Santos until his bike collides with a bus forcing him to flee on foot and attempts to hide in one of the train cars but is soon found in one of the train cars and is captured and subdued by Franklin and Chop. He is then locked into Lamar's van is taken to Lamar's house. They eventually they had to release him however since Lamar made a ransom call to the Ballas on a cellphone, meaning that their location was given away to the FIB since cellphones can be traced. After being released he shouts he will be back for Franklin and Lamar, occasionally adding that they owe him a new bike as well.

In the mission The Long Stretch Franklin, Lamar, and the recently released from prison Stretch head towards an abandoned warehouse for a drug deal set up by D. Unbeknownst to Lamar, Franklin and Stretch, it was a trap set up by D so that the Ballas would ambush Lamar and Franklin.

Upon finding that it was a trap, D is shot and killed by Stretch which leads to a shootout in the warehouse with Franklin, Lamar and Stretch killing most of the Ballas members and the trio are eventually forced to escape the cops as soon as they find them surrounding the building. However, they successfully escape and return to Franklin's house, ending the mission.