Cyrus Temple is a character in the Saints Row series, who appears as one of the two main antagonists in Saints Row: The Third, and as the antagonist in the opening mission of Saints Row IV. Cyrus is the leader of STAG who are sent to the city of Steelport to deal with the gang activity.


Saints Row: The Third

Senator Monica Hughes sends STAG to the city of Steelport to deal with the gang activity, with the goal of taking down the criminal organization The Synidcate and also destroying the 3rd Street Saints after it was alleged they destroyed a memorial bridge dedicated to her late husband Richard Hughes. Cyrus first appears when STAG chase down the 3rd Street Saints leader and former Syndicate member Viola DeWynter at the park. After the failed attempt to assassinate them, he gives a public speech and spreads his propaganda, mentioning the Saints Leader killing Jessica Parish (a member of the Brotherhood gang in Saints Row 2).

Cyrus is determined to initiate martial law to deal with the gang activity, however Monica is against it. She grows impatient with Cyrus during the course of the game and his failure to apprehend the Saints. This isn't helped when the Protagonist and the Saints help to clean up a zombie outbreak.

Cyrus has Saints member Shaundi kidnapped along with Viola and Mayor Burt Reynolds. The Protagonist rescues them however and saves the destruction of a statue, and are declared heroes, with Cyrus disgraced.

In the non-canon "Kill Killbane" ending, if the Protagonist doesn't save his friends they are killed in the statue explosion and Cyrus is given permission to create martial law, which leads to Steelport being attacked. The Protagonist eventually kills Cyrus and makes Steelport a city state, warning the remaining STAG members to leave.

Saints Row IV

Cyrus loses his position in the military. In revenge, he joins terrorists in the Middle East with the plot to destroy Washington D.C. and start over. The Saints assist MI6 on a mission to the Middle East to Cyrus' compound. The Protagonist faces off with Cyrus and kills him, and manages to destroy his missile before it reaches Washington.

Cyrus makes a post-humorous appearance as an artificial intelligence created inside Kinzie Kensington's 1950s simulation created by Zinyak, in order to watch over her. The Protagonist manages to defeat Cyrus and release her from the simulation.


  • The Protagonist managed to disguise themselves as Cyrus Temple in the mission "My Name is Cyrus Temple".