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Cyrus' officials he became the main antagonist of the tv show mini-series The Bible in the episode Daniel and the lions' den just after King Nabuchadnezzar death.

He became Jealous of Daniel when the king was believe all Daniel story, believe his king will not trust him again, the official decide to get ride of Daniel for good. So, he plan to manipulate his king, by saying the people should pray Cyrus over god for one month or they will be sentenced to the lions' den, Cyrus decide to seal the degree.

But Daniel decide to break the rules, Cyrus and the official catch him in the act and Daniel was sentenced to the lions' den for his betrayal, during the night all believe Daniel was eaten by the lions. The official see Cyrus was feeling with remorse to betray a friend, when they arrive to the den, at the surprise of the king and the official Daniel was still alive, much to the official deception to see his plan has fail.

When the king send Daniel people free to return to Jerusalem, the official said, "Their god will be happy, same if that's no temple to pray him", that make Cyrus realise his mistake and see he was behind this all long. The official do feel with remorse for his betrayal, but the king decide to send him to the lions for his treachery, the official tries to debate for escape his fate, but the guards finally throw him in the lions' den, where Daniel hear his scream after he was attacked by the lions.

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