Cyr Chaos!

Cyr fighting Cremator

Cyr is a villain From Chaos! comics. He first appeared in Chaos! Quarterly no. 1.


Cyr was an Archduke of Hell under the reign of Lucifer.

He was in charge of the area of Hell to which Cremator was banished, and took pleasure in torturing him specifically, but eventually found that the man had more skill as a blacksmith. When Apolyon was captured by Satan, Cyr was given command of the tower in which the angel slept.

After Lady Death was removed from Hell, Cyr declared himself soverign of his former area of Hell. When Cremator came to his castle in an attempt to unite the Archdukes, the man was captured and subjected to trture once again. Cremator managed to break out, however, and cut off Cyr's hand with Demonslayer. 

After finding out about Cyr's deal to let Zaphora in, in return for more power in Hell, Cremator convinced him not to, and built him a new hand. Cyr helped Cremator fight back into his former tower in order to free Apoloyon. When the Trinity did bring in their army of wraiths, Cyr lead the Archdukes of Hell against them.