Cynthia Montgomery

Cynthia Montgomery is the main villainess from "Murder Digs Deep," episode 2.11 of Murder, She Wrote.

She was played by Connie Stevens.

Cynthia Montgomery is the wife of wealthy Gideon Montgomery, who financed an archaeological expedition in New Mexico. Unbeknownst to Gideon, Cynthia hatched an evil scheme to bleed Gideon dry, a scheme that had her colluding with Stan Garfield to have Raymond Two Crows steal gold artifacts from a university. Cynthia secretly bought the land and had planned to have the artifacts found so the price could be increased.

Once Raymond threatened to expose Cynthia's plans, the evil Cynthia killed Raymond, doing so with a blow to the head with a rock, which caused Raymond to fall face down into a pond and drown. Thinking that the blow to the head killed Raymond, Cynthia and Stan worked together to cover up the murder. Stan dressed up as Raymond and stood on a cliff chanting, while Cynthia fired a wild shot towards him. Stan faked being shot and sent Raymond's body tumbling down the cliff. During Jessica's summation, Cynthia confessed everything, stating that she wanted out of her marriage to Gideon. Though not shown, Cynthia and Stan were both arrested for Raymond's murder.