The Cyclops is a minor villain from the The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. He has a legs of a goat, lips of a camel, and jagged teeth of a boar and nails of a lion. This Cyclops begins to roast and eat Sinbad's crew, however he is distracted by other men, but kills many of them. Sinbad quickly takes a burning stick and jabs it into the Cyclop's eye, then lures it over a cliff to its death. Later when Sinbad and Princess Parissa escape the Magician's cave he encounters a two-horned Cyclops, which follows him inside the cave. Sinbad releases the dragon which fights the Cyclops, enabling him and the Princess to escape. Finally the Cyclops is killed by the dragon.

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Taro vs. Cyclops

Cyclops vs. Dragon