Positoss Cyclops
Cyclops wiki image
"Shadow... Shadow... Shadow... Shadow."
—The Cyclops in an attempt to lure the Shadow

The unnamed Cyclops is the third antagonist of the Positoss webcomic. Not much is known about it but it has been confirmed by the author to be the true form of another character that has appeared in the comic beforehand.

The Cyclops appears in the final page of the first chapter of Positoss where he is seen interacting with the Shadow. It is not known whether it's an enemy or ally of the Shadow.


The Cyclops appears twice as tall as Shadow, meaning it's at least 20 feet tall. Not much else is known about the Cyclops' appearance as it is cloaked but it appears to be and twisted and deformed with 2 arms and 4 antler-like spikes sticking out of it's back and 5 on it's head. The Cyclops also has claws around it's massive eyeball, probably for protection.