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The Cyclops

Hercules! Come out!
~ The Cyclops

The Cyclops is the minor antagonist in Disney's 1997 animated film, Hercules, even though his appearance in the film was fairly short he was still an incredibly powerful force to be reckoned with. He is one of the five Titans who was imprisoned by Zeus, and set free by Hades. Although his fellow Titans set off to attack Mt. Olympus, Hades gave him a special job - personally dispose of a weakened and powerless Hercules.

He was voiced by Patrick Pinney who later played Crex.

Role in the film

The Cyclops was basically a very stupid but malicious bully and took great pleasure in causing as much havoc as possible and demanding a challenge from Hercules, Hercules did so despite his weakened state and decided he would rather die defending what was right than run away from his responsibilities.

The Cyclops takes sadistic delight in beating Hercules to within an inch of his life, thinking of him as weak and foolish - after torturing Hercules for a while the Cyclops decided to kill him by biting off his head. However the Cyclops underestimates his opponent and paid dearly for his mistake when Hercules (inspired by the words of Phil) blinds him by shoving a burning stick into his eye and then proceeded to trip the monster over using some rope - causing him to fall off a cliff to his demise.

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