Cyclone Percivals are one of Mag Mel's creations from Bakugan Mechtanium Surge. They was sometimes called Percival because one of the brainwashed brawlers calls him Percival.


The Cyclone Percivals are created by Mag Mel who serves them to brainwash the human Brawlers called Tri-Twisters, both of them had the Cyclone Percivals, a Pyrus and an Haos, one of the Tri-Twisters uses a Darkus Cyclone Percival to try to beat Taylean by snapping his finger to trick Shun Kazami.

All of Darkus Cyclone Percivals invade interspace Bakugan along with Flash Ingrams and Iron Dragonoids to destroy each planet they find on their paths.

In the end of Arc 1, all of Chaos Bakugan, all of Mechtogan clones and all of Mechtogan Titan clones disappear because the defeat of Mag Mel and Razenoid due to an evolved Drago and they was never seen again.