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Stop hand

Click to help Cruella!
This scum Cyborg Rangers
is driving Cruella insane!
So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
or he will send Darth Vader to terminate you.
Human Rangers are no match for Cyborg Rangers. You will all be terminated.
~ One of the Cyborg Rangers to the Lightspeed Rangers.

The Cyborg Rangers are a group of 5 renegade robots that were the Lightspeed Rangers' identical, yet cybernetic counterparts, and the titular main antagonists of the episode "Cyborg Rangers" of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.


The Cyborg Rangers first came at a time of need for the Lightspeed Rangers when they were being attacked by a demon named Striking.

After the battle ended, they all reported to the Base. General McKnight, Captain Mitchell's superior officer warned the Rangers that the cyborgs were designed and commissioned to be their replacements.

As Striking was about to again cause more trouble, the Cyborg Rangers arrived just in time. They were about to finish him off until he threw his lightning rods and the circuits went haywire, making the Cyborg Rangers malfunction and go on a rampage.

The Lightspeed Rangers arrived and were reinstated. They found out they had to use their blasters and shoot their chests to destroy them. After that the Cyborg Rangers were history. They also can talk (but only heard from the Red Cyborg Ranger).

Cyborg Rangers

  • Red Cyborg Ranger
  • Blue Cyborg Ranger
  • Green Cyborg Ranger
  • Yellow Cyborg Ranger
  • Pink Cyborg Ranger

Powers and Abilties

The Cyborg Rangers are have platinum alloy skin, and they possess super strength, combat capabilities, night vision, and heat-sensitive targeting. Also they can talk as well, meaning they have a certain degree of intelligence.


  • The Cyborg Rangers are, to date, the only evil Power Rangers to be built by benevolent forces, but malfunctioned (the A-Squad Rangers do not count as they chose to be evil).
  • The Cyborg Rangers resemble the Lightspeed Rangers, but their boots and gloves are black. They also have receiver dishes on their chests, an antenna coming off the forehead of their helmets and bits of black robotics poking through their leotards.
  • Despite their name, the Cyborg Rangers were robots controlled by a special device.

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