Cyborg injustice 2 render

Regime Cyborg.

I need to know are we the good guys.
~ Cyborg questioning Superman's regime.

In the parallel world seen in the DC videogame Injustice Gods Among Us, Cyborg is one of many superheroes who have joined Superman's regime, and is shown to be one of the more fanatically dedicated members due to the presumable lost of his friends who were also involved in Joker's Metropolis nuclear bombing, Starfire and Beast Boy.



Regime Cyborg first appears alongside fellow Titan Raven torturing a captured Deathstroke. Cyborg mentions that Deathstroke has been offered "amnesty" by Superman and that he would be wise to take it, also noting that if Cyborg were in charge he would not show the same leniency. Cyborg also reveals that most of the Titans (such as Starfire and Beast Boy) died when Metropolis was nuked, and though Deathstroke was uninvolved, Cyborg is content to punish him anyway due to his being "on the wrong side of the law".  Green Lantern steps in and after beating Raven demands answers from Cyborg, who refuses to give them to him. Cyborg attacks Green Lantern and is defeated as well.

Regime Cyborg reappears in regular Cyborg's chapter, hacking into his neural network to make him freeze. Regular Cyborg is able to turn the tables though and break free. He then defeats Regime Cyborg in a fight. Regime Cyborg is later among the Regime forces fighting in Gotham City and is later shown to be among those imprisoned.

Injustice 2

He is shown in a prequel chapter on attacking Batman and Damian (when he was Robin) from reaching Superman, but was defeated by Batman.

Personality and Traits

Due to the presumable lost of his friends Starfire and Beast Boy, Regime Cyborg was shown to be much more brutal, callous, and militant than his counterpart, being fine with torturing Deathstroke simply because he "was on the wrong side of the law", though also possibly to get some payback on him for his previous transgressions against the Titans. Cyborg's mentioning that most of the other Titans died in Metropolis suggests that that was his reason for embracing Superman's Regime. Regime Cyborg was shown to be contemptuous of his counterpart, who he believed was "playing for the wrong team".


Playing for the wrong team.
~ Cyborg in Injustice
You're on the wrong side of this.
~ Cyborg clash in Injustice
I was never down with Superman recruiting criminals into the Regime. That was his call.
~ Cyborg in Injustice 2


  • Like regular Cyborg, he is voiced by Khary Payton.