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Cyberlord is a supervillain from Champions Online and the nemesis of the Canadian superhero Justiciar- he is fought by Justiciar and the player-created hero during Whiteout where he attacks with a gigantic army of robots as well as his "partner-in-crime", the player-created Nemesis.

Prior to this, Cyberlord and Justiciar had a rivalry going back to when Justiciar had a terrible accident, his father called on Cyberlord to save his son- which the villain did, transforming Justiciar into a cyborg.

However, Cyberlord would be betrayed by Justiciar when the hero rebelled against his evil ways and, for a long time, Justiciar believed his nemesis to be dead- of course, as of Whiteout, it has become clear Cyberlord is far from dead.

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