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The Cyberdyne Building

The Cyberdyne Building

The Cyberdyne Building was a 4-story building that is a research facility belonged to the modern-day corporation Cyberdyne Systems in Los Angeles, California, and a location in Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

In 1995, Sarah Connor, John Connor, Miles Dyson, and a T-800 destroyed the building with a massive amount of explosives in a preemptive strike against Skynet in order to destroy Dyson's work of Artificial intelligence and Neural Net CPU development. Dyson had to commit suicide by staying behind to trigger the detonator, which destroyed the lab so that the technology can never be used to create Skynet.


  • Cyberdyne Building

    The Cyberdyne Building located on 2144 Kramer Street in Los Angeles, California.

    While T-1000 is at the Dyson residence, it overhears on the police radio the dispatch ordering all available units to respond to the Cyberdyne Building and gives the address as "2144 Kramer St". In a later scene, as the police units are responding to the Cyberdyne Building, one of the officers asks the dispatch to repeat the address, she gives the address as "2111 Kramer".

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