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The Cyber Research Systems Logo

The official public logo of Cyber Research Systems (aka Cyber Research Systems and CRS).

Cyber Research Systems ("CRS" for short), also known as Cyber Research Systems Corporation, is a high-tech corporation that completed the development of Skynet and built the initial Terminator units to replace American soldiers in the fields of combat on behalf of the U.S. government.

After the destruction of Cyberdyne Systems in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the U.S. Department of Defense obtained Cyberdyne's patents and contracted with Cyber Research Systems to continue the industry's artificial intelligence projects.

At some point before Judgment Day, humans at Cyber Research Systems created several different series of relatively primitive Terminators to replace U.S. soldiers in field combat.

Machines manufactured by Cyber Research Systems

Pre-Judgment Day

  • T-1 Ground Assault Vehicles
  • T-20 Service Robots
  • HK-Drones

Post-Judgment Day

  • Series 800 Terminator (presumably)
  • Cyber Research Series 850 Terminators
  • Cyber Research Series 900 Terminators
  • Cyber Research Series 950 Terminators
  • Cyber Research Series 1002 Terminators (presumably)
  • Cyber Research Systems Model T-X Terminatrix
  • T-Infinity (presumably)
  • Dire Wolf (presumably)


  • CRS only exists in the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine timeline as well as the film's novelization.

Notably, in CRS's timeline, the organization built Terminator units before Judgment Day. In Cyberdyne's timeline, the organization did not build Terminators until after Skynet became self-aware.

  • The history of CRS is slightly modified from what was previously understood if Terminator: Salvation is taken into account. Instead of going under after the destruction of its company headquarters in 1995, Cyberdyne survived and continued its AI research, presumably using the data saved in its off site back ups. *According to the newspaper articles that Marcus Wright reads when accessing Skynet's data bank in Terminator: Salvation, Cyberdyne existed until 2003, at which point it was sold to the United States Air Force. It can be presumed that it was either restructured into Cyber Research Systems or came under the administration of the Air Force's already existing division called CRS before the completion of the Skynet Defense System.
  • It should be noted that only the T3 novelization ever stated that Cyberdyne technology was acquired by the government after its company headquarters was destroyed. The T3 film itself never stated this and merely let the audience assume that fact.

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