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As seen in "The Invasion"

The Cyber Planner is the occasional leader of the Cybermen and recurring villain in Doctor Who. Like the Cybermen his weakness is gold.

The Wheel in Space

In his first appearance the Cyber Planner directed the Cybermen's attack on Space Station W3.

The Invasion

Tobias Vaughn had the Cyber Planner installed in his office. He channeled communications
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The Cyber Planner in "The Wheel in Space"

between him and the Cybermen during their invasion.

Nightmare in Silver

With the Cybermen in the Cyber tombs the Cyber Planner needed a body to control. Children were the ideal being as they had new fresh minds. However since the children stopped coming to Hedwick's World of Wonders where he was hiding he had no one to control. However the Eleventh Doctor and Clara brought Artie and Angie there with them so he had a Cyberman kidnap them. He partially upgraded them however he decided to possess the Doctor seeing him as superior as he was a Time Lord. Through a swarm of Cybermats he took over nearly have of his brain with the Doctor in control of most the other half leaving a little bit left neutral. They decided to have a chess game to determine who would control the whole brain. when the Doctor took a turn he was in control and when the Cyber Planner took a turn he was in control. In the end the Cyber Planner was almost able to win however The Doctor used a hand pulse to destroy him, giving him full control of his body back.