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The Cyberleader in the episode "The Next Doctor"

Cyberleaders are leaders who the Cybermen follow in the Doctor Who series.



"Revenge of the Cybermen"

During the Cyber Wars the Cyber factions were led by the Cyber-Leader. Hundreds of years after the war a Cyber-Leader and a couple other Cybermen survived the destruction of their race and try to destroy the gold planet Voga to avenge their fallen race. They send Cybermats in a ship of human troops to poison the crew which results in most of the crew's death.


They had the same appearance as normal Cybermen, but instead they had black handles on there head and first seen in "The Next Doctor" other Cyberleaders had black faces and handles on there head. They also had see thought heads we're the brain is just like John Lumic as the Cyber Controller.


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