The Cyber-Slicers are the final mini-bosses in Madworld.


The Cyber-Slicers are a team of two robots. Both of them look pretty much the same, but one of them fights with a sword, while the other one fights with claws.


After Jack earned enough points the Cyber-Slicers were activated. They are very strong, extremely dangerous, and tough to kill robots. They can be stunned with the the Magnet Gun, which leaves them vunerable to a few hits. But after the Cyber-Slicer are dealt with enough damage, the Cyber-Slicers will try to get close to Jack, before they self-destruct. Despite them being destroyed, two more appear after Jack aquires enough points.


  • The Cyber-Slicers are the only mini-bosses the do not have a Power Struggle.
  • Not including Death Blade, the Cyber-Slicers are the only mini-bosses that don't appear in the Tower Level.


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