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The Cutterloid is a Metaloid that was created by Enter, rather boldly, in front of the Go-Busters. Enter used the "Cut" Metavirus to infect a pizza cutter. Its cutter multiplied and were installed on several different body parts to be used by the Cutterloid to attack and cover exits. The cutter blades it can fire out is fired with enough force to greatly harm a Go-Buster in their suits.

Its properties were uploaded onto a MegaZord Gamma which created CutterZord. Red Buster deduced that Cutterloid was a ruse as there was another Enetron tank 3 km away, which the off-mark 'transport' of CutterZord could just as easily get to. It was finally deleted when Blue Buster and Yellow Buster turn his projectiles against him, leaving him without a means to defend himself, and hit him with their Ichigan Buster charged shots.


  • Identification Number: C-10
  • Install Metavirus: KIRU
  • Production Motif: Pizza cutter
  • Height: 208 cm. (6 feet, 9.88 inches)
  • Weight: 265 kg. (584 lbs.)

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