Cute king

King Snuggadoodle (a.k.a. The Cute King) is the ruler of the Cuties. He makes his first appearance in "Conquest of Cuteness." When Finn and Jake encounter Cute King, he pokes his head out of a plant and says "peep!" while the Cuties were around him. The Cute King has a child-like voice to fit his cute appearance. After being upset about his battle victory being a sham, Finn teaches him that he can use his cuteness to make people do things for him, such as making Ice King make him a sandwich.


Despite his harmless appearance, he seems murderous and tyrannical. He is focused getting his army of Cuties to fight and defeat others. He seemed saddened when his army fell down and exploded showing he does care for them, but that may just be because he wants to win.


His silhouette resembles a mushroom. The head is covered with a pink colored "mushroom helmet," with the arms attached to it and tiny crown on the top; the head is in the middle, and below it there is his tiny body which has horizontal colored stripes in light blue, light yellow and pale red. He has another face on his butt and two white legs.