Custard plans her thought to get Pupcake lost.

No more howling. I can't stand it.
~ Custard

Custard is Strawberry Shortcake's pet cat.

She has been on Strawberry's side her entire life. In the episode "Here Comes Pupcake", she was jealous when Pupcake, Strawberry's dog, arrived in the house when he was lost and alone in the rain. She was tired of Pupcake ruining her moment and annoying her and she was fed up with it and tells Pupcake to stop howling because she thought it was annoying her. So, Custard had an idea to take Pupcake to the woods to make sure Pupcake got least and never see him again. Unfortunately, she was lost too. Later, while raining, Custard and Pupcake were trying to find a way out when suddenly, Custard fell into a slippery ditch. She tried to get out but useless. Pup cake tried to rescue her but he fell in too. Soon, Pupcake dug a hole in the side of the ditch to keep Custard warm. Custard found out how it felt when Pupcake was lost the night Strawberry met Pupcake. When Strawberry and her friends went looking for the two missing pets, Custard heard her and Pupcake. She tells Pupcake to howl but Pupcake remembers what she said, so Custard told her to forget what she told Pupcake about not howling and Puocake started howling again. Back home, Custard was happy she and Pupcake were back home.


Custard is a light pink cat with dark pink stripes, three stripes on going down her forehead, and three on each see of her face, vertical stripes on her back, tail, and two horizontal stripes going down her legs. She has a white belly. She has a Persian catlike tail, green eyes, white muzzle, and a green and white striped collar. And almost appeared in every episode. she often appears with Pupcake. It is possible that she and Pupcake have a crush on each other. Even though Pupcakenspins and crashes into her, she still loves him.


Custard is a sassy cat not like Rouge from Sonic. But a little bit of Sassy the Himalayan cat from Homeward Bound the Incredible Journey. Tough she can be helpful more often but not as energetic as Pupcake.