Curve is member of Judah's gang in The Crow: City of Angels who murdered Ashe Corven after he kissed him. He is Judah's right-hand man and rides a motorcycle. On his chest is a tattoo of a pair of demons (which, coincidentally, form the shape of a crow).

Ashe pursued Curve in a motorcycle chase. When Curve charged at his foe, Ashe blasted Curve's motorcycle, causing it to explode and severely injuring Curve. Ashe knelt down by Curve and explained about people putting coins in the mouths of the dead to pay Charon to ferry them across the river Styx. Ashe finds a coin lying on the ground, puts it in Curve's mouth, and kisses Curve on the forehead. Ashe then drags Curve into the nearby river, leaving him to die as local parishioners cast down flower petals in the shape of a crow.

In the novelization of the film, Curve is given a tragic backstory: When he was a child, his mother prostituted him to adult men, and also frequently beat and burned him.