Elliot Hopper: Command? Command? I command you to go to hell and sit on a red hot coal, and wait for me, until it snows!

Curtis Burch: Oh, yes! Yes, evil master! Yes!

~ Burch, obeying his "master"

Curtis Burch is the "main antagonist" of the 1990 comedy film Ghost Dad. He is a Satan worshipping psychopath who somehow got hold of a taxi.


When family man Elliot Hopper had to go to his job via a taxi, the taxi driver begins sporadically spinning out of control, insanely staring at his passenger before announcing that Elliot is Satan. As the taxi driver, Curtis Burch, is a Satanist, he begins praising "Satan" when he then flies the taxi off a bridge into the water, killing them both.

However, Hopper and Burch didn't technically die and instead "jumped out of their bodies", rendering them ghosts. When they both get their bodies back, they meet up, surprised to see each other. Elliot tells the Satan worshipper to go to hell and Burch happily agrees before driving off.