Brian myers render 2 by dfreedom30-d94go2w

Curt Hawkins (AKA Brian Myers) is a former WWE professional wrestler who competes in the indys and has his own business which is a training facility known as the "Create A Pro Academy". he along with Zack Ryder used to be aligned with Edge and known as the "Edgeheads". they would interfere in some of Edge's matches and try to help him. after they split up, Hawkins pretty much became a jobber. in 2012, he aligned himself with Tyler Reks. however, they would still be on a low tier status. when Tyler Reks left the WWE, Curt Hawkins then went on hiatus until early 2013 where he returned with a new look, sporting short hair and new ring gear. but would still be on a low tier status. Hawkins was then released in 2014 along with 12 other superstars. since then Hawkins has been taking Indy bookings. Hawkins has also portrayed a heel in the Grim's Toy Show web series where he refers to himself as Brian Myers, but sometimes gets called Curt Hawkins by the protagonists of the series. there are rumors that he will return to the WWE courtesy of the WWE draft