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Cumberlayne Aresko is a recurring Imperial Commandant in Season One of Star Wars:Rebels.
Cumberlayne Aresko

Grint and Commandant Aresko were sent to Lothal to oppress its people in the name of the Empire. They were arresting citizens for minor infractions. They came across a fruit merchant and stopped for selling food that were not certified. Grint ate the merchant's food while Aresko arrests the man. They later let the merchant go to attend an "Imperial" report which was really created by a local thief named Ezra Bridger.

Myles Grint was seen as one of the teachers of the Empire Academy on Lothal. He was later seen overseeing the Empire Day parade along with Maketh Tua. He was later sent to put a blockade against the rebels but he failed.

The rebels of Lothal attacked an Imperial base to get supplies and used speeder bikes to escaped. Taskmaster Grint tried to stop the rebels but failed again and was summoned with Aresko by Tarkin for their failures to capture the Ghost crew. Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the Inquisitor to kill Grint and Aresko for their failures which shocked Maketh Tua and Agent Kallus and informing the Empire that failure is not an option.

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