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Really? Where do you live buddy? Im sure everybody would love to see you on this site.
~ Culture 045, after John insults him and his friends.

Culture 045 is the main antagonist of I wasnt carefull enough on the Deep Web, a 2015 Creepypasta published on Reddit.


Culture 045 is a ruthless serial killer pedophile, co-manager of All The Gore, a Deep Web site frequented by murderers in which users and administrators enjoy talking about their crimes, or show photos they are portrayed in doing harm to their victims. His story begins when John, a college boy who, browsing a few months on the Deep Web, casually casts on All The Gore. John is particularly annoyed by a story of Culture 045, in which the murderer prides himself on how he broke into a house inhabited by a couple with a daughter aged between eight and ten years, hid under the their bed and, during the night, slaughtered the couple and kidnapped the child, who then segregated in his house, tortured and raped several times and finally killed. John initially does not believe in the words of Culture 045, but is forced to change his mind when the killer publishes a series of photos in which the girl, bleeding and covered with bruises, cries and vomits, and another photo that portrays him that, naked and smiling with euphoric joy, he kills her by piercing her skull with a drill. Faced with these cruel images, John can not restrain himself, and insults and wishes death to the members of the site, who replied insulting him in turn, or advising him to stop making the big voice. Shortly thereafter, Culture 045 asks John where he lives, telling him that members would like to see photos of the boy on the site, to which John makes the mistake of threatening to call the police and close their site. At this point Admin1, the group's main admin, intervenes, responding to John that if he calls the police he will regret it bitterly. Shortly thereafter the boy receives a message from an unknown number, which renews the threat of death when he calls the police, followed by a hacking of the boy's laptop, through which photos are taken, which are then posted on the site, and a chat message where John's name is written, his surname, his age and his home address. Later Culture 045 wrote to him that it would be a shame if he and his college friends were to disappear at any moment. He then gave John instructions on how to make the site untraceable, not before sending him another text message saying he never saw it again. Despite repeated threats of death, John calls the police using a friend's phone, but he can not find the site and, on the advice of the police, changes his personal data and moves to live with a friend of his name David. Despite this, however, Culture 045 and the other members of All The Gore are able to track him down, and endeavor to make him pay his visit to their site and his attempts to denounce him: after a new hacking of his laptop and two attempts at murder on the part of two assassins (it is not clear if one of the two is Culture 045), the first of which is also David, Culture 045 addresses John to a live streaming in which one of the killers tortures and kills a boy, after which he appropriates John's phone and sends screenshots of the video to his friends and relatives, making them believe that John was responsible for everything. Fortunately for John, the police can explain the situation to everyone, thus recovering the credibility of the boy. After this incident, the police reinforce the search and, a month later, Culture 045, Admin1 and two other men their accomplices are arrested, and John gets a new laptop and a new phone. After that time John does not know anything about them, if they are still alive or if they were condemned to death for their crimes, but the experience lived with them and the awareness that, besides them four, many other madmen were present on the site will mark it for the rest of his life.