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The Cult of Dumazu is an ancient pre-American society of primitive fanatics and sorcerers that once worshipped the demonic deity Dumazu and they are a major antagonistic group in the 2011 videogame Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime.


For centuries, the Cult of Dumazu who began within the New World (Americas), numbered in the hundreds and they worshiped Dumazu the Destroyer, mostly out of fear than respect. Each member of this cultic tribe wears a monk-like robe that obscures their identities.

In 2010 B.C., they gathered at the Temple of the Destroyer for the funeral of their god. They chanted his name in his honor but at the same time, they feared death could only imprison Dumazu for so long.

The last surviving member of this cult was Ismael McEnthol and in the present day, he succeeded in temporarily reviving Dumazu before the junior team of the Ghostbusters defeated him, thus ending the Cult of Dumazu once and for all.



  • The Cult of Dumazu share certain similarities with the Cult of Gozer, also due to the fact their immortal masters Dumazu and Gozer share the same titles which are "The Destroyer" and "The Destructor".

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