The Cult of Cathulhu is a fanatical cult of men and women dedicated to the worship of the demonic being Cathulhu, appearing as villains in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series.


The Cult of Cathulhu is a secret society based in New York City. They are led by Clark Ashton and meet dressed in robes and the visage of their god. During a rare alignment of stars, the Cult made their move and had the Necronomicon stolen so they could summon Cathulhu.

The Ghostbusters traced them to Wagner's Occult Shop in East Greenwich Village and disrupted their meeting. However, the Cult escaped and met up at Coney Island. However, their god was not so gracious to his subjects, and the Cult fled to avoid getting trampled over. When the Ghostbusters defeated Cathulhu, they were about to retaliate when the police arrived and arrested them all.


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