The Cult of 6G are a group of devil-worshippers from the Marvel comics and enemies of Man-Thing.


Presumably organized by Margaret, they aided her in taking Allen Calex from his mother and preparing the ceremony to summon Ehrthold. Margaret's cloak eventually caught fire after Ehrthold had abandoned her in the brazier, and the cultists put out her cloak, after which she ordered them to douse the brazier to destroy Ehrthold. Ehrthold strangled the first cultist who tried to do so, but the Man-Thing knocked over the brazier, and Ehrthold vanished. The brazier's fiery coals set the apartment on fire, and Margaret and the rest of the cult apparently perished in the fire.




Margaret seems to be the leader of the Cult of 6G. Having served as Allen Calex's babysitter and become bored with her life, she purchased an occult paperback and decided to summon the demon Ehrthold to become her lover. Gathering together a small cult, Margaret made the proper arrangements, including kidnapping Allen, an infant for Ehthold to feed on. Within apartment 6G, presumably her own, she lighted an ornate brazier and performed the ritual to summon Ehrthold. Protected by the spell's magic, Margaret stepped into the burning brazier, and when Ehrthold arrived, she offered herself for him to take "and do with me whatever ya want.".

However, when the Man-Thing disrupted the sacrifice of Allen, Ehrthold departed the brazier, taking his magical protection with him, and leaving Margaret to burn. Margaret's feet swiftly began to blister and her cloak caught fire, at which point she collapsed and dropped Allen.

Her cultists put out her flames, but—enraged that Ehrthold had left her to burn—Margaret ordered the others to douse the brazier; but Ehrthold heard this and strangled the first cultist who tried to do so. The Man-Thing then knocked over the brazier, banishing Ehrthold and setting the apartment on fire. Margaret and the rest of the cult apparently perished in the fire.

Additional Members

At least six other cultists existed besides Margaret, two wearing bull masks, one in a goat mask, one in horned owl mask, one in a mandrill mask, and one in some other beast-mask.