Not going back to the birdcage!
~ Cuckoo Clocker

Cuckoo Clocker is one of the trappable villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. A Life element trap is required to trap him.

Cuckoo Clocker appears in the Phoenix Psanctuary, which in Arena Battle Cuckoo Clocker and the other Pepper Jack's minions tried to destroy the Skylanders. Pepper Jack wanted to do the extra spicy omelette and blow up the all, and for it he had to steal the Phoenix Chicken called giant bird's magical eggs, because Phoenix Chicken lays them once a year and Pepper Jack won't be able to resist trying to steal those eggs and capture her. Cuckoo Clocker remind the cuckoo-bird and is also kind of Pepper Jack's secret weapon.

However the Skylanders defeat him, lock him in a Life element trap and save the Phoenix Chicken. But Pepper Jack escaped and caught the one egg to prepare the Omelet of Spicy Doom which is bomb.