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Ha ha! Nescient humility from one possessed of such an artefact. That Stone you hold can twist the very weave of nature, to say nothing of the world. Yet I fear my words are wasted on you. Actions speak louder, yes?
~ ~Delacroix

Cuchulainn is a villain from Final Fantasy Tactics.

Meeting Ramza

After Gafgarion betrays the party at Zirekile Falls, Dame Agrias suggests they take shelter with the Cardinal at Lionel Castle. During their journey, they take in a young Machinist called Mustadio. When they meet the Cardinal, he earns their trust by showing them his Zodiac Stone, allegedly a powerful weapon for good. He tells them the story of the Zodiac Braves, agrees to protect Agrias and the Princess, as well as help Mustadio with his troubles.

However, his duplicitous nature is revealed when a trader named Bart tells Ramza of his deception, his plot to gain the Stones, his attack on Mustadio's father, and what he plans to do with the princess. He propositions Mustadio for Taurus, and goes back with what he believes is the true Stone. The Cardinal, however, sees through the ruse and realizes the Stone is a fake. He kills Bart for his idiocy, and hires Gafgarion. However, the mercenary tries and fails twice to kill Ramza and retrieve the Stones, so the Cardinal is forced to take matters into his own hands.

Siege of Lionel Castle

After Ramza Beoulve seizes the gates of his castle, Draclau is cornered in his chambers by the young knight. However, he still has one trump card up his sleeve. When Ramza, Agrias, and Mustadio go to meet him in the interior of his castle and make him pay for his crimes, he tells them that the princess is no longer with him, that she is bound for Zeltennia, and pulls out his ace in the hole: the Scorpio Stone. After transforming into his true form,the demon Cuchulainn, he attacks Ramza, and though he is a formidable foe, Ramza eventually gets the upper hand and defeats the abomination.

Because of this, Ramza is branded a heretic by the church. The story is that he murdered the Count and stole his stone, which has a certain ring of truth, albeit a blinded one.

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