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The Diabolical Cubus Sisters are the fourth boss in Phantom Hourglass. They are fought on top of the Ghost Ship.

Throughout the dungeon, Link rescues four sisters from the ship, eventually reuniting all of them. They agree to thank Link, and bring him to the top of the ship, where they reveal themselves to be ghostly monsters: the Four Cubus Sisters.

Three will shoot laser beams down at Link, while the other will send down an energy ball in a manner similar to a game of "dead man's volley". In the fashion of Phantom Ganon, Link must hit the energy ball back at the Cubus Sister. Once the first is gone, the remaining three will hit the energy ball between themselves to disorient Link. Once only one remains, it will also send out two fake energy balls that will harm Link if he hits them. The fake ones look different from the real energy ball, so Link will be able the see the real energy ball easily. Once defeated, a Heart Container is obtained, and Link gains a key to a secret room of the Ghost Ship.

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