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China, IL 3 003 0004

Crystal Peppers.


Crystal was either born a hermaphrodite or was a pre-operation transsexual. She was first shown in Dean Vs. Mayor without a major part, but in Baby Boom was one of the main protesters of the baby's living.


  • Dean and Crystal: These two have probably boned yet they are keeping it secret in an effort to preserve their reputations.
  • Steve and Crystal: Steve and Crystal sort of have a mutual relationship and still have a rivalry.
  • Frank and Crystal: Crystal as seen as an enemy to Frank.
  • Pony and Crystal: Pony and Crystal have the same relationship as Frank.
  • Baby Cakes and Crystal: Baby Cakes and Crystal have the same relationship as Frank.Crystal Peppers is a villain in Brad Neely's China, IL. She is the Philosophy/Language teacher at UCI.

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