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The Crystal Bats

The Crystal Bats

Crystal Bats, fly! Search the land! Search the water! Search the sky!
~ SkekZok

Crystal Bats are flying bat-like creatures and one of the villains in The Dark Crystal. Like the Garthim, they work for the Skeksis. They fly all over Thra spying out stray Gelfling. They carry a purple crystal that shares what they see to the crystal in the castle.


While Kira and Jen were in the boat, they spotted a crystal bat, which Kira knocked out of the sky with a single shot from her sling. This, unfortunately, did not kill the creature, as it was still able to aright itself in the shallow water of the shore to continue its transmission of their location, which resulted in a Garthim attack on the Podling village later. Another Crystal Bat spied on Jen as he was climbing up Aughra's Hill, which resulted in the Garthim attack on her home later.


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