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In the anime, the Crystal Saint (unknown name) was the sensei of Hyoga and Isaac, and pupil of Aquarius Camus. He is a protector of the Kohoutek Village's citizens. But, Gigas, a servant of Gemini Saga, dominated Kohoute and enslaved its citizens, to build an Ice Pyramid, for the pope forgives him of his foals.


Crystal could not kill the enslaver, because they are servants of the pope. So, Crystal went reclaim with the pope, but he brainwashed his mind. Crystal come back to Kohoutek and aid to enslave the slavers, that he one time want to save.

Hyoga goes to Kohoutek and fights with the servants of the pope and find Crystal. They fight between them, and Hyoga wins, killing your own sense.


According Camus, Crystal was amiable, sentimental. Crystal was as sage as all the other sensei.

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