Cryptid hunter type

A Hunter type Cryptid.

The Cryptids are the main antagonist of the Call of Duty: Ghosts game mode Extinction.


The Cryptids lived on earth way before the dinosaur times. The earth was nothing but a large planet with gas and fumes. The skies were stained in a black like color due to the all the volcano eruptions. Later a comet ignited all the oxygen from the planet's atmosphere, which had caused a very devastating fire storm that incinerated every living thing on the planet. The Cryptids foresaw the fire storm and devised and ark for there survival of the ancient apocalypse. They went to a underground cave located in Colorado. When the ODIN Strike hit due to the federation's control over the orbital weapon, the cave was unearthed and the Cryptids were now freed. They horded the locations killing any thing that gets in there way.