Baylor Hotner unmasked

Baylor Hotner is an actor from Hollywood but rampaged the city as Crybaby Clown to perfect his role in his new movie and he's a villain in Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorparated.


Baylor came to Crystal Cove to research for his latest film Dusk 4 but also to perfect his role in The Night: The Clown Cried. He stole tricked out buggy and began rampaging Crystal Cove. He dated Daphne to make himself look like a nice guy and kidnapped a hair dresser, a publicist, a therapist , and a plastic surgeon to form a posse to make him a great actor. Baylor also planted a tracker into each of them to know where they are at all times.

Crybaby Clown was caught in a trap by Mystery Incorparated only to escape because Daphene didn't come. It was then the Clown started his plan of kidnapping and piloted the jet. It was foiled by Mystery Incorpated and Baylor's ruse was uncovered.

Crybaby Clown was voiced by Mark Hammill. While the character obviously has traces of the Joker, the most famous of Hammill's animated voices, another of his characters is also homaged, whether intentionally or not. On the 90's animated Spider-Man, Hammill voiced the Hobgoblin as well as his alter-ego Jason Macendale. Like with Daphne for Crybaby Clown, he romanced an heiress, Felicia Hardy, and chastised her naïve nature when she found him out. Daphne, angered by this, slaps Hotner and breaks up with him