CryNet Enforcement & Local Logistics, or CELL for short, is a paramilitary corporation and is the main antagonistic faction in Crysis 2. It was a private military company and was the military wing of an advanced technological company called CryNet Systems. In Crysis 2, CELL is operating in New York City against the Ceph under the orders of the U.S. government to combat the Ceph invasion force under the command of Commander Dominic Lockhart and create the New York City Liberty Dome in Crysis 3.


In the year 2023, CELL was contacted by the U.S. government to contain the Ceph outbreak in New York City. CELL was tasked with policing the civilian evacuation in place of the U.S. military who were currently fighting off the Ceph alien forces. Despite their mission, CELL was considered as a brutal and corrupted organization due to their handling with the situation and the trigger-happy policy of their troops and overseeing of U.S. Marines being killed by the Ceph alien forces. CELL was only after the Nanosuit 2.0 that had fallen into the hands of a U.S. soldier named Lawrence "Prophet" Barnes, but merged with U.S. Marine named James "Alcatraz" Rodriquez.