Crustata Palleo
Crustata Palleo (クルスタータ・パレオ Kurusutāta Pareo?, 30-31): A Crab Lord (クラブロード Kurabu Rōdo?), armed with the Deceitful Claw (欺瞞の爪 Giman no Tsume?). First appeared to kill Sagara, only to be knocked out by his psychic power. Paalleo later attempted to get revenge during the fireworks rally while Sagara was using his power to force Mana to distance herself for humans, only to be halted by Agito. He managed to defeat Agito and G3-X singlehandy. Palleo almost succeeded in killing Masumi, only to be halted by Orcinus. Palleo later managed to mortally injure Sagara, but was halted by Agito's Storm Form. But Storm Form's attack was unable to affect him at first until he his Halberd Break to kill the Lord.