Crush Roidmude, formerly known as Roidmude 023, is an Advanced Roidmude in Kamen Rider Drive. Prior to achieving his advanced form he was a Low-Class Cobra-Type Roidmude.


Crush first appeared in human form, eating with the Brain RoidmudeHeart Roidmude and Paint Roidmude. He stated to the commanders that there should be limits. After Paint's demise, he offers himself to be next to destroy the Kamen Rider, much to Brain's annoyance.

After that, Crush and his accomplices, Roidmude 060 and Roidmude 074, began a spree of hitting food trucks to satisfy Crush's addiction. They later discover several trucks from the Font-R company smuggling explosives. They feed on it and became addicted to it, causing them to attack more of the said company's trucks. However, Drive intervenes and crashes the Tridoron into Crush before the Roidmude can hurt the driver of the truck. Drive easily fought off 060 and 074, but Crush succeeded in flooring him. In response, Drive went Type Speed Dump, but Crush and his gang decided to escape. While Mashin Chaser held off Drive, they attacked more trucks.

Drive caught up to the three Roidmudes, and succeeded in killing 060 when they tried to escape. While Drive fought Chaser, Crush attempted to consume the explosive but a shockwave created by the two Riders' finishers ignited the explosive. Crush took another bottle and attacked Drive with it before retreating.

Crush stole three Viral Cores from the Roidmudes' hideout and with 074, they raid the Font-R factory for more explosives. However, Drive Type Wild appeared and, assisted by Tridoron Type Wild, overpowered Crush and killed 074. Crush was later destroyed by Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild's Handle-Ken's Drift Rotation finisher.