Uh excuse me old short one uh sir uh short one somethings wrong with your secptre uh I think that dragonflies are scattered all over. Crush

Crush is a simple-minded monster who serves as one of Ripto's 2 minions, alongside Gulp. He mainly acts as the evil sorcerer's muscle.


Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

Crush was a large dimwitted dinosaur-like monster with tiny bat-like wings that came to serve Ripto and was transported to Avalar along with him and Gulp by the Professor's experimental super portal, where the monster aided in the Riptoc sorcerer's goal of taking control of Avalar. Later, Crush, Gulp, and Ripto confronted Spyro, Elora, Hunter, Zoe, and the Professor after they brought the dragon to Avalar to help them fight the sorcerer. After the fairy, Zoe, zapped Ripto, he ordered Crush to kill her, but the monster accidentally hit his master instead, causing his Sceptre to fall into Gulp's mouth, making him swallow it.

Crush's Dungeon

Crush's Dungeon

The trio retreated, but after Spyro found his way into the Summer Forest castle's secret dungeon, Crush fought the dragon. But he tricked the monster into making much of the ceiling fall on him.

Season of Flame and Enter the Dragonfly

Crush managed to survive the encounter and rejoined Ripto in his attacks on the Dragon Realms where the sorcerer stole the dragons' dragonflies, but he was defeated along with Gulp and his master.

Powers and Abilities

Crush is extremely strong and durable, since the only thing that can hurt him are a bunch of large rocks falling onto him. He can strike his club so hard on the ground, it rains debris down from the ceiling. During the battle in the dungeon, around the arena are colored circles. Crush could stand on these circles to generate a shield around himself and stomp to fire different energy blasts depending on what color the circle was. The blue ones would generate a sweeping blue wave like one and the red ones would generate a harder to dodge fireball like one. He does have a small pair of wings on his back but it is unlikely he can use them since they are so small and he is so large.


  • Strangely, Crush demonstrated the ability to talk in Enter the Dragonfly, but he never seemed capable of doing so in Ripto's Rage.
  • He was voiced by Greg Berger who also played the voices of both Gulp and their master Ripto, but also the voices of 2 Marvel supervillains Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter from Spider-Man: The Animated Series.