Justice is beautiful!
~ Crusadermon

Crusadermon (also known as LoadKnightmon) is a major villain in Digimon Frontier, but a minor villain in Digimon Data Squad. He's/she's a minion of Lucemon and partnered with Dynasmon.


LoadKnightmon is a Mega Class Digimon that looks like a knight wearing pink armor. It carries a golden shield and golden ribbons on its body.

Digimon Frontier

Crusadermon/LoadKnightmon was one of the Royal Knights that were resurrected by Lucemon, the other being Dynasmon. After Cherubimon was defeated, Crusadermon/LoadKnightmon and Dynasmon began the accumulation of Fractal Code data for Lucemon in exchange for entry into the human world. In their first clash with the Legendary Warriors, Crusadermon/LoadKnightmon easily overpowered MagnaGarurumon. The two would fight numerous times as the Legendary Warriors tried to stop the Royal Knights from stealing the data of the Digital World. On a rare occasions, he/she employed several SkullSatamon. When Lucemon was finally reborn and the Legendary Warriors were forced to retreat to the Ophanimoon (one of the Digital World's three moons), Crusadermon/LoadKnightmon pleaded for Lucemon to give them the key to the human world, a request which Lucemon denied. When Lucemon sent the Knights to finally take care of the human children, Crusadermon/LoadKnightmon was blasted by MagnaGarurumon at close range, and his/her Fractal Code exposed. In the end, Lucemon betrayed the two knights and absorbed their data in order to digivolve into Lucemon Chaos Mode.

Digimon Data Squad

In Digimon Data, Crusadermon/LoadKnightmon was a member of the Royal Knights and working for King Drasil. The Digimon's name was LoadKnightmon and was a male Digimon. He came to the real world with an army of Knightmon. MirageGaogamon, Shawjamon, and LoadKnightmon fought each other, but LoadKnightmon proved that he was to strong. Eventually MirageGoagamon Digivolved into MirageGaogamon, Burst Mode and easily defeated LoadKnightmon.

Crusadermon\LoadKnightmon's enemies

  • MagnaGarurumon (Digimon Frontier)
  • MirageGaogamon (Digimon Data Squad)


  • Spiral Masquerade/Spiral Slice
  • Fist of Athena/Fist of Fear
  • Laser Lattice
  • Scarlet Tempest


We are supporters of his right to become this world's supreme ruler. We serve Lord Lucemon by collecting fractal code.
~ Crusadermon
Beautiful. At this rate we shall gather enough data for Lucemon in no time.
~ Crusadermon
Dynasmon, what are you doing?! Don’t you realize everything will disappear?! Everything!
~ Crusadermon
Only four areas remain. Come, let's finish this.
~ Crusadermon
Shall I destroy you now, or would you like your humiliation prolonged?
~ Crusadermon
Ah, Dynasmon. We’re being bathed in beautiful white flowers in the dawn of light. Could there be a more perfect way to begin this day of destiny?
~ Crusadermon