Crunch the Rockdog is the main antagonist of "Crunch the Rockdog" - Episode 43-44 of the original series "My Little Pony 'n Friends". Crunch was a gigantic monster similar to a golem but fashioned in the style of a bulldog with humanoid hands. Long ago he served as the guardian of a mystical gem known as the Heart Stone. It was situated deep within a living mountain who created Crunch specifically for this task.
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Unfortunately Crunch was created without the ability to feel emotions (other than perhaps hate). Due to this he grew brutish and cruel, using his magic to pursue anything he saw as "soft" or "nice" and petrifying it whilst laying waste to the land around himself.

In the end, Crunch is defeated by the Heart Stone and given a small shard of the gem. This ultimately allows him to feel emotion again and he becomes a peaceful being as his victims are restored to their former selves after his curse is broken.