Cruel King Megas

Cruel King Megas, also simply called Megas, is the main villain and final boss from the computer versions of Valis II.


Megas was the prince of Vecanti, but ever since young he was already evil and cruel, so his family exiled him to a dimensional rift. Using his amazing powers, Megas was able to break free from the rift, immediately proceeding to slaughter his entire family, showing no mercy for even the women and children. His father then sacrificed himself to stop Megas and imprison him again, after which a seal was placed on it, so Megas would never escape.

After Rogles was killed by Yuko, the Valis Warrior, dissidents on his army attempted to fight the other soldiers still loyal to Rogles, but were easily repelled. With their deaths at hand, they then decided to break the seal of Megas, unleashing him upon Vecanti. Megas easily took over Vecanti before the night was over, turning the place in a living hell and massacring all followers of Rogles, who decided to invade Reality to take revenge on Yuko. Megas takes the opportunity and lets Yuko deal with Rogles's followers, while he orders his henchmen to construct the Vecanta Cannon, which would allow him to kill Queen Valia and thus take over Vanity.

After Yuko defeats the last Rogles General, Megas finally shows himself to her, taking the Fantasm Jewelry and attempting to make her despair by telling Valia would not help her. Valia did not intervened because she knew of Megas's plan, but after Yuko is left badly wounded she finally decides to rescue her, so Megas immediately orders his minions to fire the Vecanta Cannon. It fails due to a barrier set up by Valia, but Megas orders to charge the cannon to max. It finally breaks the barrier, but explodes Megas's castle in the process, killing most of his minions. Nevertheless, Megas kidnaps Valia and tortures her, until Yuko appears attempting to rescue her. Holding Valia, Megas orders Yuko to drop her weapons and armor if she wanted to see Valia live, and even though Valia warns her not to she still complies. However, Megas still murders Valia and attacks Yuko, but she is saved by the spirit of Reiko.

Yuko, having finally found determination to fight, goes after Megas and defeats him. Defeated, Megas does not believe he could have been defeated by a girl, cursing Yuko and promising her he will return.


  • This Megas is an alternate interpretation to the original Emperor Megas from the console versions of Valis II. The computer version is most likely not canon, given that it contradicts most of the series established story.