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350px-DOTM Crowbar concept

Crowbar is one of the only transforming Decepticons in the third Transformers installment Dark of the Moon.

Crowbar, Hatchet and Crankcase are among the Decepticons hidden on the Moon in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. When the Autobots investigate the crashed ship on the moon containing Sentinel Prime the three Decepticons secretly return with the Autobots. Once on Earth they take on the disguise of Earth vehicles. The three Dreads chase the Autobots on a highway while they escort Sentinel Prime to NEST. Hatchet dies at the hands of Dino/Mirage and Bumblebee, while Crankcase and Crowbar survive and make their way to Ironhide. After a stand off, the Dreads pretend that they surrender their weapons by dropping their guns. However, they had spiked clubs behind them and Crowbar throws one of his at Ironnhide. They start to attack Ironhide and Sideswipe. Crowbar is shot in the head by Ironhide while Crankcase is stabbed with an explosive dart and killed.


  • Crowbar's design is similar to that of a Predator.
  • During the highway battle with the Autobots, his scream sounds like that of Bonecrusher, despite having the same voice actor as the previous Decepticon.
  • Crowbar's original name was Hooligan.

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