The Crow Master is a supporting antagonist in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. He is a Sand Creature who summons crows for the will of his creator, the Empress of Time.



The Crow Master was created by Kaileena and was ready to attack intruders to the Island of Time.

First Encounter

The Crow Master encountered Prince after the Prince's arrival at the Island of Time. He keeps taunting the Prince for not attacking him. The Prince later defeats him and his crows. It is possible to defeat the Master then the rest of his crows.

Suceeding Encounters

The Master appears yet again to defeat the Prince if the Prince is ready. All of his other battles are optional. However, he is stronger than his original encounter. His techniques are more advanced. He eventually is killed by the Dahaka when one of it's tentacles grab and absorb him.


The Crow Master is very aggressive towards the Prince. However, he isn't acrobatic. Despite being aggressive he is shown to have a sense of honor as he allows Prince to stand up if he is knocked down and encourages him to continue his journey. He like all the creature created on the Island of Time is very loyal towards his creator.


The Crow Master uses a Kerena Sword.


  • "Defeat does not suit you, Prince. Get back on your feet!"


  • His real name is unknown.
  • He is either a pure creation by Kaileena or just a byproduct.